Exfoliator SHED 2



The SHED Range of Exfoliators

The SHED system is much more than just exfoliation. It is designed to “shock” your dormant (sleepy) dermal cells into activity, to re-enforce and speed up your skin cells’ life cycle, also called the proliferation cycle, or skin renewal cycle.

Furthermore, it also starts the calling (messenger proteins) that activates the fibroblasts into numbers (more of them) and therefore more matrix proteins, of which collagen and elastin are the most important.

Your therapist will treat you with a programme that will include one or more of the SHED products to assist in the following:
1. Excessively porous skin: The SHED range assist in removing dead horny layer skin from pores, making them appear smaller.
2. Fine wrinkles: It is possible that your therapist noticed that the fine wrinkles you might have is due to layers of dead cell build-up. The SHED range assists in removing this.
3. Oily Skin prone to break-out: The SHED range will assist in removing pore plugs made up of a dead cell and oxidised sebum paste and will make the skin more penetrable for other RESTION treatments such as the KRONISKIN TARGET GEL and KRONISKIN BOOSTER.
4. Uneven and hyper pigmentation: The SHED range will remove the heavily pigmented horny layer and will prepare the skin to accept the RESTION BIO-ACTIVE PIGMENTATION treatment
5. Excessively dry and flaky skin: The SHED treatment will remove the dry, dead outer layer and will improve penetration of the treatments such as the BIO-ACTIVE DERMAL REPAIR SERUM and/or the AGELESS treatment.
6. Very Thin Collapsed skin: The SHED Range is the first step to assist in the build-up of the under-skin layer made up of Collagen and Connective tissue. Follow-on with the BIO-ACTIVE DERMAL REPAIR SERUM and the AGELESS treatment.
The SHED I – III treatments

The SHED I, II and III uses buffered Apple Acid (Malic Acid), buffered to a user-friendly level. It is free from glycolic acid. It is designed for facial use.

What will it feel like on my skin and will I physically peel?
The SHED Range is formulated to minimise physical peeling, even with SHED 1. The upper layer of skin will shed off in small (almost invisible) flakes when cleansing.
It is normal to feel a tingling sensation, especially for the first five to ten minutes. Thereafter the feeling will disappear. If there are small open lesions, it might sting quite sharply on these lesions, so avoid using on open or broken skin.

How must it be applied?
1. Cleanse using the RESTION Cleanser for your skin type as per usual, twice.

2. By using an appropriate brush or your fingertips, apply a small quantity to the forehead, cheek bones, chin and neck area. Spread gently into a thin layer, avoiding the immediate eye area. (Use the RESTION BIO-ACTIVE EYE AREA treatment for the immediate eye area). Make sure that there is no excessive residue of cream in skin folds especially around the nostrils and corners of the mouth.

3. Follow the instructions of your therapist as far as the duration of treatment is concerned. The following can serve as guide:
a. First time user (SHED 1) 1-2 hours for first 2 nights, thereafter see (b).
b. Experienced user SHED 1: 2-6 hours to overnight. Repeat consecutively for 7-10 nights, then observe a rest period of 3-4 nights during which time you only apply the Dermal Repair Serum after cleansing and toning.
c. Follow-on user SHED 2: 4hrs to overnight. As above, 7-10 nights, then rest period.
d. Follow-on user SHED 3: Overnight. As above, 7-10 nights, then rest period.

4. Neutralise the SHED by using your facial cleanser (X2).

5. If there is still night time left, apply the next prescribed treatment, such as Ageless, Repair Serum or the Restion Night Nourisher. If you are treating a break-out or spots of hyperpigmentation apply the Kroniskin Booster and Kroniskin Target Gel or Pigmentation treatment.

6. In the morning, cleanse well (X2)

7. Tone your skin using the RESTION toner for your skin type. Allow skin to dry completely.

8. Apply the RESTION Ultra Day Protection for your skin type.

9. For the best protection against the sun and pollutants, apply the RESTION TINTED Moisturiser for your skin colour. If not, the ULTRA DAY protection must be re-applied midday.

10. Repeat the regime as recommended

What happens after the intensive ex-foliation treatment?
1. Once you get used to the glowing fresh look of a SHED treated skin, you should consider a weekly or bi-weekly overnight treatment of SHED 3.
2. Follow on with the other recommended RESTION treatments of your therapist.