SHED 2 50 ml




Professional Exfoliate (Medium concentrate)

Exfoliating night cream gently removes old layer of skin, exposing new, restored youthful skin.

Directions for use:

Use any Shed product only during the night. We recommend that Shed 1 and 2 be used under professional guidance only

Night 1-10:

Cleanse twice

Tone using a cotton round

Apply a small quantity Shed 2 to your face and neck, spread into a thin layer

Leave on overnight


Cleanse twice

Tone using a cotton round

Apply the Ultra Day Protection SPF20 [re-apply mid-afternoon if you are going to spend time outside in the sun].

How the SHED SYSTEM works:

Although SHED 1 is fantastic as far as immediate results is concerned, it is too highly concentrated to use for much longer than 7 – 10 days. This is why, after a rest period of 3-4 days, move to SHED 2, and then ultimately SHED 3.

Please note:

It is normal to feel a tingling sensation, especially for the first five to ten minutes. Thereafter the feeling will disappear. If there are small open lesions, it might sting quite sharply on these lesions, so avoid using on open or broken skin.

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