SHED Eye 25 ml



Super hydrates the area around the eyes and assist in managing skin tone and texture.

Directions for use:

Use any Shed product only during the night.

Cleanse twice.


Apply the Shed Eye: Squeeze a small amount of the cream into the palm of your hand. Use your ring finger tip to apply a thin layer on the bottom eye area first, covering the soft immediate eye area as well as the crow’s feet area on the side. Dip into some more of the cream to apply onto your upper eye lid very carefully. Repeat the process with your other eye.

Cleanse very well the next morning.

What is inside?

The bio-active principles in the Shed Eye are Bulbine frutescens Leaf Extract, Pro-Vitamin B5 and the buffered potassium salts of malic acid (apple acid)

Please note:

This product is currently supplied with the newly branded carton as well as the carton inner information, however, the tube inside is still the old design, until the present container stock has been depleted.

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