SHED PRO Neutralising Mist 100 ml



The SHED Range of Exfoliators

The SHED system is much more than just exfoliation. It is designed to “shock” your dormant (sleepy) dermal cells into activity, to re-enforce and speed up your skin cells’ life cycle, also called the proliferation cycle, or skin renewal cycle.

Furthermore, it also starts the calling (messenger proteins) that activates the fibroblasts into numbers (more of them) and therefore more matrix proteins, of which collagen and elastin are the most important.

Your therapist will treat you with a programme that will include one or more of the SHED products to assist in the following:
1. Excessively porous skin: The SHED range assist in removing dead horny layer skin from pores, making them appear smaller.
2. Fine wrinkles: It is possible that your therapist noticed that the fine wrinkles you might have is due to layers of dead cell build-up. The SHED range assists in removing this.
3. Oily Skin prone to break-out: The SHED range will assist in removing pore plugs made up of a dead cell and oxidised sebum paste and will make the skin more penetrable for other RESTION treatments such as the KRONISKIN TARGET GEL and KRONISKIN BOOSTER.
4. Uneven and hyper pigmentation: The SHED range will remove the heavily pigmented horny layer and will prepare the skin to accept the RESTION BIO-ACTIVE PIGMENTATION treatment
5. Excessively dry and flaky skin: The SHED treatment will remove the dry, dead outer layer and will improve penetration of the treatments such as the BIO-ACTIVE DERMAL REPAIR SERUM and/or the AGELESS treatment.
6. Very Thin Collapsed skin: The SHED Range is the first step to assist in the build-up of the under-skin layer made up of Collagen and Connective tissue. Follow-on with the BIO-ACTIVE DERMAL REPAIR SERUM and the AGELESS treatment.

The SHED PRO System
As the name indicates, the SHED PRO system must only be handled, applied and managed by a skilled health care professional after a proper skin analysis.

The SHED Pro Ampoules contain a VERY strong solution of a unique blend of naturally occurring Alpha-hydroxy acids (94 %):
Apple acid (malic acid). Citric Acid, Mandelic acid and Lactic acid

Having done a proper skin inspection and analysis, the clinician will decide on the concentration to be made up for the treatment event. The SHED PRO system consists of the following items:
a. The SHED PRO ampoules
b. The SHED PRO diluting Serum
c. The SHED PRO Neutralising Mist

To make up the treatment mixture, the following procedure is followed:
1. Open one ampoule and shake out the entire contents into a 50 ml glass beaker.
2. Add to the solution a number of plunges of the SHED PRO Diluting Serum in accordance with the table below. Choose the number of strokes in line with your desired concentration for the patient.
3. Use a spatula to mix/whisk the mixture into a milky gel. Use the mixture within 3 hours. Remember to use protective clothing, gloves and eye protection at this stage.

Number of plunges Resulting AHA Concentration Number of plunges Resulting AHA Concentration
3 67,5 % 6 54,0 %
4 62,3 % 7 50,6 %
5 57,9 % 8 47,6 %

1. Cleanse the with Restion Cleanser to a light lather. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Repeat.
2. Cover or protect the eye area. Prepare the patient/customer that a stinging/burning sensation will be experienced upon application.
3. Apply a little bit of petroleum jelly with a cotton bud to possible sensitive areas and areas of possible pooling e.g. the nasolabial fold, the lateral canthi (if applicable area is within 5 mm of the eye), nasal ala and oral commissures. Use a timer to start when application is made for future reference.
4. Use a sterile swab by dipping it into the prepared serum mix and apply liberally to the target area. Do not rub for more than 30 seconds.
5. Observe the target area under a good light. The SHED formulation will not cause clear frosting at end-point. It will rather show fine white speckles on an erythematous background. In any event, a treatment period of no longer than 6 minutes is recommended, especially for first time patients.
6. Spray the neutralising mist over the target area and then ask patient to rinse face with water. Repeat twice.
7. Use the Restion Cleanser twice and tone.
8. Immediately apply Restion Dermal Serum to the treated area and immediately after, apply the Ultra Day Moisturiser for normal to Dry skin.
9. Follow on in one of two ways:
a. If the skin condition requires it, repeat the SHEDPro in 7 days’ time with a slightly higher concentration. During the waiting period, use the normal Good Night and good morning regimes, including the use of the Dermal Repair Serum as a night time last application.
b. If the skin condition is sufficiently “kick-started” by one SHEDPro event, go onto the SHED I, II and II regime after a one week rest period as above.