Kroniskin Procedure Gel 30 ml




The KRONISKIN PROCEDURE GEL is based on 5 active principles:

  • Carpobrotus leaf extract
  • Bulbine Frutescens
  • Total Extract of Centella asiatica
  • Pro-vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B12

For home use

  1. To be applied to wounds, cuts, burns and bruises after the area was cleaned properly. If needed the area can be taped or covered with a bandage.
  2. To be applied after an operation or procedure by taping the area with microporous tape and the applying the Kroniskin Procedure Gel over the tape.

Applications in the Aesthetic Clinic

If you are a qualified Restion Associate, there are various treatments that the Kroniskin Procedure Gel can assist you with. Please contact us should you want to learn more.

Sports Applications:

  1. Apply to chafing, abrasions and cuts after an event.
  2. To prevent tissue damage of the outer ear (Helix/Anthelix) skin with contact sports:

Before the game:

  1. Cleanse the outer ear well with Restion Cleanser and dry well
  2. Tape the ear by making a tight envelope with microporous tape
  3. Apply the gel over the tape
  4. Tape your ears with a fabric plaster flat to your head, or wear suitable headgear that support your taped ears.

After the game:

Remove the taping and apply a thin layer of Kroniskin Procedure Gel directly to your ear.